CISO Jumpstart Overview

CISO Jumpstart supports the rapid establishment of an effective security management program. Starting with a point-in-time assessment against critical enterprise control areas, the organization's current security requirements, capabilities, and weaknesses are identified while any time-sensitive situations which must be taken into consideration are addressed. Our assessment methodology allows for tangible security progress and enhanced capability within a short time frame.

Rapid understanding of enterprise security posture

Before developing a course of action an inventory of critical strengths, key weaknesses, and existing capabilities must first be drawn. URU leverages over 30 years of experience in the field assessing organizations of all sizes, across a wide array of industry sectors, to quickly identify potential areas of concern.

Prioritization of critical action items

The process of enumerating the security posture of an enterprise often reveals an overwhelming array of security flaws and areas for improvement. While egregious vulnerabilities and developing breaches require immediate attention, less critical items can be a costly distraction from developing more robust capabilities. URU will help distinguish between urgent items that demand action and areas for improvement that can be addressed over time. Additionally, URU will provide assistance triaging and managing any progressing security breaches that are identified.

Establish an executive roadmap

Once predominant areas of susceptibility have been identified, URU forges a customized plan of action for each client which is tailored to meet specific risk-tolerance thresholds, compliance requirements, and regulatory concerns unique to each organization.