Application Security Overview

Application Security is often one of the most difficult challenges facing organizations today. The widely changing landscape can lead to difficulty in standardization and adoption of security controls intended to address these risks. More mature organizations undertake software assurance activities across a wider spectrum of steps, and generally earlier, than less mature organizations. This has been shown to identify more vulnerabilities sooner, have them corrected at less cost, prevent them being re-introduced more effectively, reduce the number of vulnerabilities in production environments, and reduce the number of security incidents including data breaches.

The Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) is an open framework to help organizations formulate and implement a strategy for software security that is tailored to the specific risks facing the organization. URU leverages OpenSAMM as a framework for measuring customer’s current security capabilities as they relate to the software development life cycle. This allows for comprehensive reviews of current security capabilities as well as the development of tailored implementation plans to mature those capabilities moving forward.

Complete understanding of current state

Effective application security programs are built upon the specific needs of the organization that is implementing them. To deliver highly effective programs, URU first assesses the current state of affairs, identifying the pre-existing technologies and capabilities, as well as potential gaps in coverage that could leave our customers exposed.

Vendor agnostic, solution focused

Our primary goal in developing effective security programs is results; the reduction of risk. To support that goal, we leverage pre-existing tools and technologies already in place at our customers to the best of our ability in designing and implementing security capabilities that have the best possible chance of complete adoption and successful implementation.

Maintainable solutions

URU focuses on designing solutions that not only meet the security needs, but also provide avenues for monitoring their own effectiveness. Security has and always will be a moving target, and effectively managing security requires adaptive processes and controls that can be easily monitored for effectiveness, as well as leveraged to demonstrate effective security practices for compliance or to demonstrate appropriate security posture for a third party.