Red Team Testing Overview

Red Team exercises adopt a comprehensive approach at the full spectrum of organization policies, processes, and defenses in order to improve organizational readiness, improve training for defensive practitioners, and inspect current performance levels. Independent Red Teams can provide valuable and objective insights about the existence of vulnerabilities and the efficacy of defenses and mitigating controls already in place, as well as help gauge effectiveness of solutions under consideration by the enterprise.

URU leverages deep expertise in the full spectrum of offensive testing services in order to deliver effective Red Team Testing. There are many important aspects to Red Team Testing, including:

Comprehensive testing capabilities

URU regularly performs a comprehensive set of offensive security assessments, including Social Engineering, Physical Security, Wireless Connectivity, Application Penetration Testing, and Network Penetration Testing.

Maximized testing effectiveness

One of the specific values of Red Team Testing is the opportunity to tie a variety of assessment activities together into a complete picture. Whenever one avenue reveals something relevant, other avenues benefit. For example, passwords gained through Social Engineering techniques may be leveraged in order to access privileged systems with penetration testing techniques.

Address specialty and nonstandard security needs

Often, new technologies may not have a standard of security practices and controls that may be followed. Similarly, it may be difficult to effectively assess the control environment when there is a lack of specific expertise. Red Team Testing can provide insight into these difficult to manage security situations and help understand exposure as well as effectively identify opportunities for improvement.