Enterprise Security Overview

You should never assume that your information is of little or no value. Adversaries are not just looking for classified information. A lot of observed activity has an economic focus, looking for information about business dealings, intellectual property, valuable data, and business strategies. The threat is real, but there are things every organization can do to significantly reduce the risk of a cyber intrusion.

There are a number of effective and relevant control frameworks that exist to serve as the basis for security programs. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to information security. Adopting a risk based approach to information security provides the flexibility to allow for differences in the environment when making security decisions. Entities will have different security requirements, business needs, and risk appetites from one another. It may not be possible or appropriate to implement all security controls included in any given framework.

URU leverages a number of methodologies and frameworks to meet the specific requirements and needs of our customers. These include PCI, HIPAA, NIST, SOX, GLBA, HITRUST, SANS-CSC, ASD-ISM, and ISO. URU’s Enterprise Security Program Design will tailor the control framework to meet the specific needs of our customer:

Establish baseline for security decision making

Information security risk management requires understanding the security risks that are faced and making informed decisions when using technology. Understanding the risk environment specific to your business will also enable greater flexibility and adaptability in responding to changes to that environment as the threat landscape evolves. URU encourages this flexibility by also crafting control frameworks in a flexible manner, ensuring they are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Vendor agnostic, solution focused

Our primary goal in developing effective security programs is results; the reduction of risk. To support that goal, we leverage pre-existing tools and technologies already in place at our customers to the best of our ability in designing and implementing security capabilities that have the best possible chance of complete adoption and successful implementation.

Maintainable solutions

URU focuses on designing solutions that not only meet the security needs, but also provide avenues for monitoring their own effectiveness. Security has and always will be a moving target, and effectively managing security requires adaptive processes and controls that can be easily monitored for effectiveness, as well as leveraged to demonstrate effective security practices for compliance or to demonstrate appropriate security posture for a third party.